The “Labor Consultant” desk for Nova Siria employees is launched

A pilot project and unique of its kind signed by & Plus of Pinerolo for the Roletto company of the Hawle Austria group The Pinerolese confirms to be a pioneer in corporate welfare. A free desk dedicated to employees of Nova Siria di Roletto, a company specializing in the design and production of junction, repair and derivation systems for land and sea pipelines, has been active since July. Every Tuesday of the third week of the month, the “Labor Consultant” service is active in the & Plus offices in Pinerolo, dedicated to the company's employees. "A branch of this kind is not common and is unique in the territory - assures Massimiliano Gerardi of & Plus - It was designed specifically to give regulatory support to all Nova Siria employees on topics such as paychecks, measures to support the income for employed workers but also for the unemployed and suspended from work ». For the & Plus studio in Pinerolo it constitutes an additional and decidedly pilot opportunity to stay closer to a client company, guaranteeing not only the daily update on the countless innovations in progress, but also the possibility for workers to receive support in subject of labor legislation so that the payslip and withholdings made can be easy to understand. There are many topics and possible areas on which to range, as told by Francesco and Marco Ferrero, owners of the Roletto company, a member of the Hawle Austria group, and creators of the initiative together with & Plus: "Redundancy, hoses, sickness, maternity, checks family members will be at the center of the free advice offered to our employees and which only concerns questions or doubts to be clarified about their employment relationship in this company ». The company, regardless of how many employees will be interested in the project, intends to maintain a transparent and collaborative approach with employees, also by encouraging training opportunities in the field of regulatory and tax treatments that pass through pay slips and that will affect workers from July 2020. : the new supplementary Renzi bonus treatment and the additional tax deduction envisaged, the values of family allowances and the application procedures. The appointments will be monthly and can be scheduled by appointment. In this way, Nova Siria is pursuing a principle of great and valid corporate welfare for employees. "An important action especially at this time during which the sudden changes in legislation and taxation could cause great uncertainty for the workers that the labor consultant will be responsible for transforming into regulatory and legal security" conclude the creators Gerardi and Francesco and Marco Ferrero.