Split collars (straight DUOFIT)Repairing

Repair of a mechanical impingement on a clamp that was installed on a 630 mm PE100 discharge pipe in the region of Sharon plain. This line delivers sewage from three water utilities to a sewage treatment plant in the area. A conventional reparation would have required to stop the line and create a bypass (using pumps), to dry the pipe, cut off the section and replace-something that is nearly impossible to do and the cost would have been very high. Alonim was exposed to the problem by an engineering office in the area and together it was decided to use a DUOFIT D30 without stopping the line and draining the pipe. It was installed over the clamp under pressure. The installation started at 9:20am and was completed at 11:30am- with in two hours the delivery line was rehabilitated without any sewage overflow or bypasses. Alonim continues to supply effective and economical Nova Siria products for water, sewage and drainage applications.