End restraint couplings (MULTIGRIP) (MGR-S / MGR-D)Jointing

One of the leading water utilities in Israel, Meniv Rishon LeZion connected two Knife valves, 24", to a PE100 sewage pipeline. The installation was done by the contractor A.R. Itzhaki and included laying a PE100, 630 mm pipeline at the outlet of the pumping station. Alonim supplied four flanged Multigrip couplings with End Restraint systems in order to connect the pipe to the knife valves. The coupling was installed mechanically and can connect a flanged valve or any other flanged accessory on a PE100 pipe without welding. The coupling can also be used for steel pipes and because of the  design of the coupling there is a  3°+/- angular deflection at the connecting point. In addition the coupling can connect pipes that have up to 30 mm difference in diameter-all this without welding. The installation of the valve took only three hours long.