Generation handover – January 2020

A significant step has been taken in the NOVA SIRIA continuity project, initiated by its founder, land surveyor Aldo Ferrero in the 80s. After being run for almost 40 years by the second generation, with his sons Luigi and Mario, as of January 2020, the baton has passed to Marco Ferrero (now President and Managing Director) and Francesco Ferrero (now Managing Director), sons of Luigi and Mario respectively and representatives of the third generation. A generational handover in full compliance with continuity of values, aimed at preserving the principles of excellence, quality, and social responsibility which have been the pillars of Nova Siria since the year it was set up. These values continue to be important also after the entry of Nova Siria in the Hawle Austria Group in 2015. Marco and Francesco Ferrero have grown professionally in the company, alongside founder Aldo Ferrero and, in recent years, their respective fathers, Luigi and Mario, carrying on traditional values and combining them with increasing dynamism. Alongside Marco and Francesco, an operational role is played by Stefania and Ilaria, the first daughter of Luigi and the second of Mario, who deal respectively with marketing, communication and export, within the company:“Our grandfather, Aldo, and our fathers, Luigi and Mario, taught us that work, if based on competence and quality, can promote both personal development as well as progress and well-being for all employees and collaborators," stated the Ferrero cousins in unison. Luigi and Mario Ferrero's presence in the company as consultants is a further cornerstone, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the company and the commitment towards its employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers.