Encapsulation collars (shaped DUOFIT)

An important industrial customer in Valleyfield, Québec, Canada was trying to repair an important leak they had on their main HDPE feed water line (28’’ – 700mm). The leak had to be clogged without shouting down the water supply (and the production plant at the same time) as the result of it would have cost the company more than one million dollars a day. In their search of a solution to this problem, the customer had looked at many different options. None of them were satisfying for the customer until they communicate with ISCO Canada for help. Here are the customer comments:
“Our experience with ISCO and Nova-Siria was a positive experience for us. In previous meetings with François Desmarais, I enquired if he had solutions for greater than 24’’ pipe problems in various materials. Francois demonstrated the Duo-Fit coupling to me via the short animation. We also had other parties searching for recommended solutions to a potential leaking problem. When our main Feed Water Supply break occurred in late December 2017, we quickly controlled the flooding via appropriate pumping. The immediate area contained 4 major underground pipelines; 2 feed water pipes, 1 feed water return pipe and one storm sewer pipe. Leak identification and shutoff was a problem due to faulty older valve services but we did manage to identify the problematic line. Line break was located at HDPE flanges on a 28’’ HDPE pipe. Ground movement created stresses on the flanges and now the flange joint was slowly failing. An attempt to repair the live leak was performed but was met with partial success only. I contacted ISCO to investigate the Duo-Fit solution further. A few meetings with ISCO and communication with Nova-Siria confirmed that the Duo-fit would be the key element in solving our live leak problem. Installation went according to plan and the service is now back to full operation. I would like to personally thank Francois Desmarais and Jean-Francois Rioux from ISCO for their efforts in obtaining the parts, tracking them during transportation from Italy and assisting our installation crews during installation on site”.