In recent days, several Paulownia plants have been planted at the Hospital of Cuneo - Santa Croce and Carle, to thank the doctors and all health professionals for the work done especially in the last period, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of environment in the quality of life. The gesture carried out by the Association Paulownia Piemonte was made possible thanks also to the contribution of Nova Siria, which has long been attentive to social responsibility in the Piedmont region and beyond. Planting trees is today an important and effective message, especially in light of the environmental problems that affect humans. Paulownia has also become the symbol of rebirth, not only for the myth of the phoenix, but above all because it is the tree that absorbs more CO2 and releases more oxygen ... oxygen that many have lost due to the pandemic. Another symbolic feature of it is that if cut several times, instead of dying, it grows back more vigorous than before. Thus, together with the management of the hospital and the partner company Nova Siria Srl, it was also possible to carry out this project of significant environmental and social importance.